Bentley's Butcher Shop

Our Co-op


Welcome to the Bentley's Coop, created just for you. We are honored to have the opportunity to provide you with the best meat your money can buy.


Bentley’s All-Natural Butcher Shop carries a variety of 100% all-natural meats; beef, pork, chicken, goat, veal, seafood, etc. Pretty much “you name it” we have it OR can get it for you. All-Natural means no preservatives, hormones or antibiotics (chemicals) of any kind.

Rest assured, you can trust the quality of meat you receive from Bentley’s 100% All-Natural Butcher Shop. Joe Riehle, the owner, has 47 years of experience in grocery and meat butchering. But don’t take our word for the quality of our meats, check us out on Facebook (Bentley’s Butcher Shop) and see what people are saying. We offer “package deals” for a very economical way to purchase meat - those packages are posted on our website. Or call us @ 678.963.9877, we welcome questions and would love to share our knowledge of all-natural meats with you. Our customer service is exceptional; we love our customers and will take good care of you, inside and out!

Here's how, we're hoping, it will work:

We’ll deliver once a month to your specified location. A specified date will be sent to you in advance of the delivery date, allowing you time to let us know what you would like to order.

1) Email Debbi with your order to no later than the date and time specified. Include in the email your name, email address, item(s) you desire, quantity, how you would like them packaged (1#, 1 per package, if you want the meat cut a certain way, etc.). We will be glad to entertain any special requests. Our packaging is freezer ready. Please also indicate the name of the delivery location. If you have a special request please let us know well in advance so we can special order it for you.

2) We will invoice you through PayPal by the date specified. Payment will be accepted through PayPal; you do not have to have a PayPal account to pay and you can use a credit card or pay with a bank account. There is a $10.00 fuel charge with each order. If the combined order is $400.00 the fuel charge will be waived.

3) Once you receive the invoice you will have until the specified date and time to pay. The orders will be packaged and delivered to your requested location for pickup on the date specified.

We are confident there will be a few kinks to work out along the way, but together we'll make it work! Email Debbi with any questions, concerns or just to say "hi".


Bentley's Butcher Shop     105 E May Street     Winder, GA 30680     678-963-9877